We will not prevent congestion without enabling people to travel in a different, more comfortable and efficient way, by public transport or bicycle, says Czech MEP Mikulas Peksa.

The reform of national parks succeeded by only one vote, reminds Environment Minister Ján Budaj. Things that should have been adopted a long time ago are passing only fragilely in Slovakia. But all it takes is for a handful of people to start meeting in a café to bring about change, he thinks.

The transition to a circular economy is supported by the current situation with prices of building materials and inflation. People are turning more to sustainable solutions, which can also be more cost-effective, says MEP Michal Wiezik.

Sometimes civic activists have more expertise than ministries, other times they are lay people who can point to a problem in their neighbourhood. Green initiatives would not move without them, but activism hardly penetrates communities that are dealing with existential problems.