Our mission

EuroPolicy was established in 2011 in Bratislava to broaden the discussion on the European Union and its policies, policy initiatives, legislation, institutions and stakeholders. EuroPolicy promotes the ideas of European integration and its values. It raises awareness of various agendas of the European integration, cooperating closely with EURACTIV.sk.

Communication activities promoting involvement of civil society organisations in EU policy debates, and support of the European democracy
Cross-border cooperation
Supporting cross-border cooperation of various policy actors (public institutions, media, NOGs, corporate sectors, research & academia)
EU media coverage
Support activities improving access to and coverage of the EU policies by local media
Research and innovation
Research and innovation for responsible and evidence-based policy-making
Event management
Organisation of events and implementation of awareness campaigns related to EU institutions and policies
Educational activities, information campaigns and debates on EU issues, focused on young people and students


Ukraine’s NATO Membership Is Supported by a Record Number of Ukrainians

The latest public opinion polls show that a record 83 per cent of Ukrainians are in favour of Ukraine joining the NATO...

Will NATO Be Protracted Longer by Orbán or Erdoğan?

After Slovakia's ratification of Finnish and Swedish NATO membership, the Alliance is only waiting for Ankara and...

Head of Turkish Association for Women in Politics: Women Are the Strongest Opposition in Our Country

On the Turkish political scene, the government and the opposition have only one common position, and that is male...

In the Fight Against Autocracies, the Union Will Join Democracies Around the World

On foreign policy and security issues in her State of the Union address, the President of the European Commission...

Slovak Ministry of Culture Is in Favour of European Oversight of Press Freedom

According to State Secretary Radoslav Kutaš, the proposed rules are the "ideal situation". The member states will vote by...

Leaked document: EU wants to guarantee press freedom, but leaves the practice to the states

The draft of the European Media Freedom Act does not, for instance, comment on whether licence fees are better for...

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