Our mission

EuroPolicy was established in 2011 in Bratislava to broaden the discussion on the European Union and its policies, policy initiatives, legislation, institutions and stakeholders. EuroPolicy promotes the ideas of European integration and its values. It raises awareness of various agendas of the European integration, cooperating closely with EURACTIV.sk.

Communication activities promoting involvement of civil society organisations in EU policy debates, and support of the European democracy
Cross-border cooperation
Supporting cross-border cooperation of various policy actors (public institutions, media, NOGs, corporate sectors, research & academia)
EU media coverage
Support activities improving access to and coverage of the EU policies by local media
Research and innovation
Research and innovation for responsible and evidence-based policy-making
Event management
Organisation of events and implementation of awareness campaigns related to EU institutions and policies
Educational activities, information campaigns and debates on EU issues, focused on young people and students


Czech Disinformation Expert: Slovak Disinformation Scenario Does Not Pose a Threat to Us

Although the Czech Security Information Service warns that the Czech Republic could also expect a Slovak scenario in...

Czech LGBTI+ Activist: We Will No Longer Follow the Salami Method

I find it honest to say who we are and what we want. MPs accuse us of promising them sixteen years ago that we would...

Fighting for Rainbow Marriages in the Czech Republic: They Are Pushing Us into Concessions, but There Is Only One Equality

Up to eighty percent of young people in the Czech Republic support marriages for all. This is something every...

Women Are Still Missing in the Leadership of European Defence and Security

A recent study shows that even though countries and institutions in both the EU and NATO are increasingly committed to...

Expert on Women’s Representation in Politics: Women Do Not Have the Same Chances as Men in Political Competition

Thanks to preferential votes, as many as 13 women won seats in the last Czech parliamentary elections. However,...

Imprisonment for Surrogacy, Ban on Rainbow Flags. The Far Right Thrives in Southern Europe

Italians will face two years imprisonment for starting a family through surrogacy abroad, Spanish Vox party has allied itself...

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