Past projects

The main objective of the project is to provide an assessment of the processes of the strategic direction of the North Atlantic Alliance and to define recommendations for the adaptation of NATO 2030 in the Slovak Republic, as well as to cover the topic of the preparations for the NATO Summit and its subsequent implications for the development of the Alliance.

Project titled "Slovakia as part of European defense cooperation 2021" aims to discuss the possibilities of involving Slovak defense capabilities (industry, ministry and experts) in initiatives of relatively new joint European defense projects (PESCO, European Defense Fund, civilian and military missions, etc.) and raises comprehensive awareness of the importance of building European defense capabilities for Slovakia.

Main objective of the project is to extend the debate on two marginal topics that do not find a vast representation in Slovakia, yet the importance of their comprehension is growing every year. Project will build upon expertise, gained through cooperation with HBS, and elevate the organized activities and debates on authoritarian regimes further, including emerging elements in different countries within the immediate European neighborhood. 

Goal of the project is to contribute to the debate on how rule of law could and should be enforced in the EU, how the rule of law relates to other endemic problems in Central and Eastern Europe, such as corruption, and how it is perceived by the society in the long-term discourse. Project activites will follow up on those carried out in 2020 within the Rule of Law project, supported by HBS. Three topics will be focused on in this project: rule of law in the EU, European Public Prosecutor's Office, and fighting the gender-based violence.